Friday, October 23, 2015

PT School: Schedule

Prior to getting into physical therapy school I just wanted to get accepted anywhere. Being eager to start down the path to becoming a physical therapist I had no thought of what it would actually take. This past couple of years has been so rewarding but so difficult. After getting accepted to the University of Saint Augustine's physical therapy program I thought the tough part was over... getting accepted. I had no idea how trying it would be to make it through the program. Not to say it is impossible by any means but it is no cake walk. With just a couple semesters left I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but my daily schedule has been brutal this semester.
A typical Tuesday:

7:00    Wake up
7:30    Leave for school
8:00    Musculoskeletal IV (four hours of lecture)
12:00  Lunch (warm something up in the microwave and review class notes)
1:00    Musculoskeletal III (three to four more hours of lecture)
5:00    Study (after all that lecture its important to try to actually absorb some of the material)
9:00    Head home
10:30  In bed

The overarching message is... It can be done! but it takes a lot of work and sacrifice. You have to give up much of your personal and social life. In ten months time I will finish this crazy thing they call PT school. Cannot wait until that day but in the mean time back to the books.

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