Friday, July 22, 2016

NPTE: Waiting for the Score

I took the NPTE and I would say it was very tough. By no means did I feel like I totally failed but on the other hand I don't feel all that confident that I passed. I am feeling like it could go either way. I am just crossing my fingers I get that 600. When all is said and done pretty much nobody cares what you scored (except maybe some classmates). As I have talked to different folk about jobs they really don't care what your GPA is, what color cords you graduated with, or your NPTE score. They seem to care about one thing, and one thing only... Will you have a valid license to practice as a PT. In other words did you graduate and pass the NPTE. Not where did you graduate. Really when it comes down to it you are there to make money for them and that has nothing to do with grades or test scores. For now all I can do is just wait for that NPTE score to come and pray it brings good news.