Sunday, January 10, 2021

Dear CI: Please Be A Mentor

Going through PT school was tough to say the least. Entering the clinic to start applying what classes can only talk about is like a dream come true. It seems so wonderful but then you find out you CI does not like you... This was my reality. I had a CI try to get me kicked out of PT school!

Because of my experience this is my letter to that CI.

Dear CI,

Thank you for your willingness to accept a student and to trust me with some of your patients. I know how important it is to you to get your patients better. I am so grateful for this opportunity. While I am very grateful for your willingness to take me I need more than just that. I need you to have a little patience with me, I am not a perfect clinician but then again nobody is. I will make mistakes and I need your feedback in order to learn but please do not grill me in front of patients. Coming out of school I am going to be by the book because that exactly where I have learned to be a PT, the books. There is a chance I'll put a gait belt on someone who doesn't really need one but I'm just trying to be safe. Instead of focusing on my weaknesses coach me to make those weaknesses strengths.  I know you are not required to go out of your way to help me but I plead with you to be an advocate for me, show me your style but let me find my own style too. Remember what it was like to be a student even if it was 30 years ago. Please do not tell me you had it worse back then because of one reason or another. Validate how hard school is and contribute to my education. Essentially, I ask you to be a mentor. Be someone I could call down the road and ask questions. Be someone I could seek advice from because that will help me more than anything. The way you talk to me can destroy my self confidence and can tear me down in general.  In closing don't go through the motions but instead please help me to be a better clinician.


Your student