Friday, November 18, 2022

Market Analysis: Website Comparison

So recently I have started doing a market analysis on the local physical therapy clinics in the area. I owned a clinic that was primarily cash pay with a few major insurance contracts but I decided to close my doors when Covid hit. When I closed my doors I started contracting for home health agencies as well as some outpatient facilities.

This has paid the bills but I want more than that. Working as a contractor I work all the time chasing work. I'm working insane hours and it's just not manageable anymore. So my wife and I have started the process of looking at opening another clinic this time with the intention of being more insurance based.

As part of the research, we started a market analysis looking at all the local clinics. A good part of our analysis included looking at the online presence of the local clinics. We found several of them had very few reviews. Some of them did not even have websites listed.

As we started reviewing their websites we found that they are visually unattractive to say the least. Seeing websites that seem to be lacking a level of professionality in pictures and video we've realized we need to invest in this area. 

We've started talking to a local professional photographer we found, Matt Pierce, and his group Route Three Productions. We started looking at his portfolio online and realized this level of quality would improve a PT website tremendously. 

As things move forward I will plan on putting up the pics on my blog so you can see the level of quality a true professional can bring you. 

In the meantime check out the portfolio we looked at. Here's a link to the portfolio that we looked at that made us realize we need high-quality photos that are being set up by a professional.