Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mentor: The Ball Is In Your Court

When it comes to finding mentors they have no obligation to do anything for you.  Mentors are not paid extra or given prestigious awards because they are willing to give their time. Good mentors do it out of the goodness of their heart.  To find awesome mentors be an awesome mentee. The ball is entirely in your court - so get to work. Find people with whom you have common interests. Look for those whom are experts in an area you want to become an expert in. Take interest in what they do. Ask questions about how they got where they are and why they got where they are. In short, be involved. Keep in mind mentors don't necessarily need you but you need them, so be proactive. Mentors can be found in diverse places. Some of my best mentors have been found on social media. Twitter has been an amazing way to hear the perspectives of some amazing professionals like @Jerry_DurhamPT @DrBenFung @drbartonb and @PelvicGuru1 just to name a few.  As I have taken interest in physical therapist's on social media and asked sincere questions they have responded in ways I could not have imagined. So reach out, ask questions, take interest, be proactive and surely mentors are to follow.

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