Friday, November 20, 2015

Chicago: Changing the Healthcare

I recently attended a workshop in Chicago about making a successful practice and business. Having the opportunity to learn from @Jerry_DurhamPT in Chicago was a privilege. I was able to take way some great info to apply to my future/current situation. 

If you don't follow Jerry on twitter... You should. He has an awesome fresh look at physical therapy and healthcare in general. He is passionate about making a change and the coolest part about it is, he is making a change! Just want to share a few key take aways from Jerry:

- Healthcare has set the customer service bar very low 
- When you are taken care of by a business or person you want to go back 
- People are willing to pay more if you make it worth their money
- Word spreads when you are good (managing time will make you good combined with a good PT makes you great)
- Why do we call it discharge... What other profession "discharges" their customers
- Make follow up calls; not to talk them into coming back but to get their honest opinion of their expereince
- Be passionate and share that passion
- Why would you learn business from PT's? Learn business from business people and apply it to PT
- Promise big and deliver big

All in all treat people well. Respect others time. Be caring and compassionate. Change your practice style to meet the needs of those you serve. Disrupt healthcare by being not only an effective but an efficient physical therapist. When you tell someone you are going to do something... do it (this includes scheduling).

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