Wednesday, April 12, 2023

3 Quick Tips For PT School Test Prep

 Here are 3 simple tips for preparing for a test in physical therapy school:

  1. Review your class notes: Take the time to review all the material covered by the teacher. Most of the time teachers lecture more on things they like to test on. Highlight key points in the text. Creating flashcards helped me study all the time. I would pull out and review flash cards every chance I had.

  2. Practice with sample questions: Look for sample questions or practice tests to help you prepare for the exam. These can give you an idea of what types of questions you can expect and help you identify areas where you need more practice.

  3. Get plenty of rest and exercise: Let’s get real your in PT school… you believe exercise is important. As simple as it sounds you should make sure you're getting enough sleep. Exercise and good sleep can help you feel more alert, focused, and confident on test day.

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