Thursday, February 12, 2015

Background: Why PT

I grew up in Utah until I turned 19, then moved to the Philippines for two years to serve a mission for the LDS Church. Before moving to the Philippines I had never really been anywhere out of the Western United States.  While in the Philippines I witnessed poverty beyond comprehension. This was an eye opening experience that changed my life in many ways. Most of those whom I was around had little or no healthcare. This gave me a desire to gain knowledge and skills so I could help those in need. After returning to the United States I started seeking a career to help others. When searching for career options, I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to return to the Philippines and serve. I looked in to dentistry, nursing, medicine, OT, and PA. None of them felt like a good fit for me. Then I started looking into PT and it felt right. I looked for opportunities to work with and shadow PTs. Shadowing and working with PTs just solidified my feelings. I worked hard to get good grades through my undergraduate at Utah Valley University and graduate Cum Laude. Shortly before graduation I applied to several programs with little success. I was placed on several waitlists before ultimately being rejected by all the schools where I applied. This was a heart wrenching process. My heart goes out to anybody who goes through that process. I was down and out; I questioned if PT was right. With the support of family and friend who encouraged me to try again, I did it, I applied again. This time I did more research on the schools I was applying to and I was accepted to the University of Saint Augustine at the Austin, Texas campus. With a little less than a year under my belt I am working my way to becoming a great PT. I will fulfill my dream to return to the Philippines as often as I can to help those who are desperately in need. Until then, I will work hard to become the best PT that I possibly can.


  1. Hi Dalin,

    I have actually been waitlisted at the University of St. Augustine, Florida campus, for the May cohort. I am actually devastated, frustrated with myself mostly for not portraying more of my passion during the interview and basically feeling like I had been bulldozed by the other interviewee, a native of FL. USA is my number choice and has been ever since I found out about the school March of last year. I visited in May for a tour and fell in love even more. This is my school. I applied to over 15 schools thus far and have been rejected by each one except my top choice. They saw something in me and invited to an interview. It was a glimmer of hope towards my dream of becoming a PT, much like how you want to be, as in serve the underinsured and underprivileged. I am still remaining hopeful that I will get accepted, but I am so confused about this post-interview waitlist and its protocol. I possibly dug myself a grave by called two of admission specialists for FL yesterday after finding out and leaving them lengthy messages about what I can expect from being on the waitlist and how I do not want to sound desperate and this is the right fit for me and vice versa.
    Do you have any advice and any knowledge of the waitlist process? The interviewer actually gave the other interviewee and myself her card. I felt like emailing her, but I do not think it is the right way to go. Please offer any advice you can.

  2. I forgot to mention that I am from New Jersey.