Thursday, February 12, 2015

Background: Why PT

I grew up in Utah until I turned 19, then moved to the Philippines for two years to serve a mission for the LDS Church. Before moving to the Philippines I had never really been anywhere out of the Western United States.  While in the Philippines I witnessed poverty beyond comprehension. This was an eye opening experience that changed my life in many ways. Most of those whom I was around had little or no healthcare. This gave me a desire to gain knowledge and skills so I could help those in need. After returning to the United States I started seeking a career to help others. When searching for career options, I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to return to the Philippines and serve. I looked in to dentistry, nursing, medicine, OT, and PA. None of them felt like a good fit for me. Then I started looking into PT and it felt right. I looked for opportunities to work with and shadow PTs. Shadowing and working with PTs just solidified my feelings. I worked hard to get good grades through my undergraduate at Utah Valley University and graduate Cum Laude. Shortly before graduation I applied to several programs with little success. I was placed on several waitlists before ultimately being rejected by all the schools where I applied. This was a heart wrenching process. My heart goes out to anybody who goes through that process. I was down and out; I questioned if PT was right. With the support of family and friend who encouraged me to try again, I did it, I applied again. This time I did more research on the schools I was applying to and I was accepted to the University of Saint Augustine at the Austin, Texas campus. With a little less than a year under my belt I am working my way to becoming a great PT. I will fulfill my dream to return to the Philippines as often as I can to help those who are desperately in need. Until then, I will work hard to become the best PT that I possibly can.

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