Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PT School: One Year Down

Being a PT student has been an incredible adventure. I have been stretched thin at times in all aspects of life: funds, time, mental capacity, sanity, etc. I would not change this for anything. Looking at the past 12 months which has been jam packed with exams, assignments, and projects; not to mention 61 credit hours. As I learn new things it helps me realize how little I really know. Being hungry for more knowledge fuels my drive to continue despite the difficulty I have faced thus far. The one take away I wish to share as I reflect on the last year: I will be creating a pt for the rest of my life because as soon as you think you have arrived, I can assure you; you have not. Becoming the best physical therapist is a life long journey and at this point I'm barely taking baby steps. Always strive to be better. Don't stop until your the best.

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