Saturday, April 16, 2016

See the Light

Internship sounded so great. Just go to work, come home and relax. No homework, no tests, or assignments; It sounded so wonderful. Nothing in PT school turns out to be easy. I'm learning the hard way. I have just two weeks left of my final internship and I just can't wait. On my internship before this one I was commuting from Austin to San Antonio and it was rough. Getting up a 4 am to drive to SA and then work 8-9 hours and drive home often getting home after 8 pm. It felt like I did not have time for anything, wait if felt like that because it was reality. On my current internship the drive is much better, just an hour each way, but I spend hours every evening and weekend seeking new treatment ideas and fresh exercises. The demand of preparation is taking a toll and with just a couple more weeks left I see the light. PT school is just not easy, whether it is class work or on internship the demand never ends but I still believe it will be worth it.

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