Thursday, June 15, 2017

NPTE: Time Flies Since

The one year anniversary of my passing the NPTE quickly approaching and I cant believe how fast the time has passed. I took the NPTE (passed thank goodness), graduated just about a month later, and started working almost immediately. So I have been a licensed PT for just about 10 months now and I have learned a lot. The clinic where I work just hired a new PT and this has given me the chance to reflect. I remember my first few evaluations being a tough. As my caseload started to build it felt difficult to handle the load but applying Wolff’s law, my capacity to handle the load has grown. 

If you are preparing for the NPTE I have a few words of advice/council: 
  1. You have been in PT school and it has been tough… you already know your stuff. It just a matter studying a little bit more so you can pass one more exam. 
  2. Don’t stress too much. Take a minute to breath. There is such a thing as over studying. 
  3. You score does not matter. This is not a grade… a 600 and an 800 end up with the same “grade” it’s call a license. 

Good luck! and get those initials PT, DPT after your name. 

For more here is a study schedule from when I took the boards. Click Here

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