Saturday, February 26, 2022

Home Health: Book Club

 Since starting home health I am on the road a lot! Let's just say I'm doing my taxes right now and I did 47k miles last year! So when I say I'm on the road a lot I mean it. At first, I just listened to music but that got old after a while. I started listening to audiobooks. I found I was consuming audiobooks so fast audible just wasn't enough. I went to the local library and got set up with a library card. In my experience in Utah, New Mexico, and Texas you can sign up for whatever digital library service your library contracts with. 

Currently, in Corpus Christi, a library card gives you access to 5 free checkouts per month on Hoopla. It's been great because it's free and there is a decent selection to choose from. I go through those books like it's nobody's business. I figured since I am reading anyways I would start making my thoughts about each book into a blog post. 

If you have read/listened to anything good please comment and let me know so I can enjoy it too! 

Book reviews:

Micheal Hyatt: Your Best Year Ever

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