Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Interview Prep

This was it, my one chance to get into physical therapy school. I started preparing the day after I received an interview invite.  I thought of questions they might ask.  I took every opportunity I could to practice.  Every night I looked at myself in the mirror and practiced. Every time I got in the car I practiced (I'm sure the cars around me thought I was crazy).  I asked myself questions not just in my head but audibly.  

I asked myself:

Why would you be a great PT?
Why do you want to be a PT?
What has led you to this point?
What does integrity mean and how have you showed it in your life?
How have you displayed honesty in your life and where did you learn to be honest?
What are some experiences you have had shadowing PT's?
What kind of people do you get along with?
What kind of people do you not get along with and how do you handle it?
What can you tell us about yourself?
Why did you choose PT over any other health profession?
How are PT's and OT's different?
Why did you not choose OT?
What is your understanding of healthcare reform? How does it affect PT?
What about our program makes you want to come here?
If you get accepted here and somewhere else where would you go?
What does it mean to be professional and how have you been professional in your life?
You live in Utah, why did you apply to a program in Texas?

Along with practicing by myself, I got others to ask me questions.  I found someone who consistently gave me very critical feedback. They even told me they hated my dress shirt during one of my practice sessions. This required some humbling and acquiring thicker skin but by the time my interview had come, I felt completely ready to go.

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