Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rejected: What Now?

It was a small fortune paying for application fees and interview costs.  I applied to 14 schools and never saw the fruits of my labor. I was wait-listed at four schools and ultimately received rejections from all of them. To say it was discouraging is an understatement.  Thinking I truly had a shot of getting in and then facing rejection after rejection was crushing.  I considered giving up on my desire to become a physical therapist. I re-evaluated my life and where I wanted to be at the end of my career and still physical therapy just felt right. 
I researching and came to the conclusion I needed to look at quality over quantity. Looking at realistic options far out weighs just casting a wide net.  I came to the realization I had a really good chance of admittance to the programs at Texas State University and the University of Saint Augustine. With some encouragement I did it; I applied again.  Then the waiting game started. This being the worst part of the process, waiting and wondering. By following online forums I knew the time was near. It happened again…. A rejection letter came in the mail. I was overcome by feelings of inadequacy; thinking I'm just not good enough. My only hope was USA; I prayed I would get an interview and it came. On a Saturday, of all days, I got an interview invite for the University of Saint Augustine. I was filled with excitement and I knew this was not the end. Having been previously interviewed, wait-listed and ultimately rejected, I had to make this interview count.  I knew I had to knock it out of the park this time. My interview preparation had to begin immediately.

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