Tuesday, January 13, 2015

If You're Not In You're Out

Becoming a physical therapist is much more than just going to school, more than getting a job, more than just retaining a license to practice.  Become a physical therapist because you are passionate. If you are not passionate about being a physical therapist you need to choose a different option. As I am becoming more aware of what it takes to become a physical therapist I am starting to realize its not a job or even a profession; being a physical therapist is a way of life! Becoming a PT is more than a title, it is something you should wear on your sleeve and on your heart. As I recently attended a regional meeting for the TPTA I was disappointed to see the lack of support. How are we to further our work if we cannot unite our voice.  If you are not willing to sacrifice some of your time and effort for our common goal then maybe you are in the wrong field. As I have written and called government officials seeking to further the profession my words fall on deaf ears because the words of one are weak but voices united carry power. If you are a PT, PTA, or SPT do your part! If you are not yet a PT you need to understand you must put in more than the minimum effort. You are expected to become an advocate for the profession. If your not on board then you are out, so make your choice; either get in and get passionate or get out, because you cannot be both.

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