Saturday, January 10, 2015

Question: What To Ask

Asking questions is a key to becoming a PT.

Slowly I am learning what questions to ask. At this point in my process of becoming a PT it boils down to just a couple of questions.  The first question is "What is the purpose?" You can apply this to anything. Before I start homework I ask myself what is the purpose. This helps me recognize what I need to get out of the homework. Before I read my texts, by asking this question I have a better idea of what to look for. Knowing what to look for gives me purpose, which in turn motivates. As I begin to think of exercise prescription, what is the purpose? Am I trying to activate a specific muscle, looking to strengthen a group of muscles, working on muscular endurance, etc.  By asking the simple question "what is the purpose" it gives direction and meaning to what you are doing. What is the purpose of treating a patient? Know your purpose.

Next, is it functional? When studying make sure you are making the gained knowledge functional. In other word apply what you learn. Knowing something without having a function doesn't help anyone.  Getting people to exercise is good but getting someone to exercise with purpose is better! Is the plan or program you are giving to the patient going to help them become more functional, if not don't do it, what's the point? 

By asking the purpose and whether or not it is functional you create a functional purpose. Knowledge is only power if it can be applied. So before you do anything, ask yourself- what is the purpose of this and is it functional?

In applying for physical therapy school it is key to know what questions to ask throughout the process.

Why am I applying to this school?
Why do I want to be a PT?
Is it realistic for me to get accepted to the school I am applying to?
What am I willing to sacrifice in order to get in?

Its also important to know what questions to ask when you are being interviewed. Remember you need the school but the school needs you. This is your chance to interview them as well. Make sure you ask sincere questions. Study everything you can about the school and ask questions that apply to that school specifically. A few questions I asked during my interview included:
What do students typically enjoy the most about the program; what do they struggle with the most?
What does the school do to help students become active in the APTA?
Are there any opportunities to help faculty with research? If so, what kind of opportunities?

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